My roommates are moving out in 2 & 3 weeks respectively.

My cross country move has seemed so distant until recently. It has been something that “I’m going to do soon” for so long. First it was after I was done school. Well then I went and got a job here. “At the end of this school year,” I would tell people (I am a teacher if that helps to give context and make sense of that logic). I looked into teaching in British Columbia and realized the certification process was longer than I expected. “I am waiting to hear back from the BC TRB,” (Teacher Regulation Branch, those in charge of taking my Ontario certifications and translating them into some sort of BC certification) I complained to friends who asked, assuming I would soon be receiving a letter explaining to me my next steps in the process of becoming a certified teacher in BC. I was under the impression that the BC TRB required more teaching hours than I had to become certified.

What I was not expecting was to receive a letter telling me I was certified to teach in BC. That was my first moment of panic. Of me realizing that this hypothetical, theoretical plan was now realistic. Of me realizing that this thing that had been dangling in front of me for so long, that I had been so excited for, was now terrifyingly real. Of this “maybe one day” plan is soon going to require some serious commitment, planning and balls.

Now things are starting to happen that make me realize this plan is realistically going to happen in the near future. One of my best friends drove me into the middle of the country to buy cheap cardboard boxes from a guy on Kijiji (shoutout to Mike). They are leaning up against the wall in front of me, waiting to be packed. I have started selling belongings of mine that I know I can’t possibly move across the country. My beautiful Ikea lounge chair with the white cushion was sold and gone within a half hour of posting the ad online. Afterwards, I realized it happened way too quickly for my liking. Kind of like this move.

I had always thought of myself as liking living by myself. I was so not pumped to be looking for roommates. And there are definitely down sides to living with other people. But there have been a lot of unexpected bonuses to living with two goofy guys. If I don’t think about the crumbs on the floor, the stains on the counter, the sticky I-don’t-know-what on the fridge, or the red hair dye all over the bathroom (kidding, kidding! kind of), I kind of almost like living with them. There is always someone to talk to, to troll, to laugh at, and I love talking to girls through their Tinder accounts. Not only will I miss them (not that they’ll ever know), but it’s one step closer to taking the (cross country) leap.

And though I am nervous and anxious and scared, that doesn’t mean I’m about to back out. I have been feeling very bittersweet lately. But I am ready!


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