Hunting for Shoes

I was like so ready to drop some serious (kind of) cash on some new indoor (read: teaching) shoes. I needed something to replace my favourite brown flats that are getting worn down and quite frankly, stink. Something versatile, neutral, and light/ small enough to carry around from school to school (ie. not boots). I was thinking Steve Madden, Little Burgundy, Aldo, or maybe I’d find something at The Bay.

I got my old flats from Globo Shoes, back when I worked there and got a sweet 50% employee discount. Without going into detail, my manager there is not someone who I would be especially happy to see again. So although Globo is a 30 second walk from my house, and generally hella cheap, it was not a possibility. Besides, I was willing to spend a bit more for something of better quality.

Well imagine my surprise when I turn up to the mall only to find that shoe companies solely (eh eh, see what I did there) make ugly shoes these days! No, I don’t need a bow on the front. No, a gold block heel is not necessary. I don’t need tassels, flaps, embroidery, elastics, chains, chunky comfort soles, or excessive pointiness. And a special shout out to Tory Burch: You deserve your very own special place in hell for your hideous monogram.

Now imagine how much harder the struggle was when I found a Top Shop at The Bay (an hour, 5 clearance racks, 3 Taylor Swift songs and a serious pep talk in the dressing room mirror later…)

In the end I threw out the notion that I was some well-adjusted class act who was about to blow a hundred bucks on real leather shoes. Forever 21 always has my back (and I got two pairs for less than I was expecting to spend on one! Truly #blessed).

In tan (although I’m now seeing they come in a rust colour that I’m also obsessed with):

In black (yes, I see these also come in rust, but I’m not as about that) (also, these shoes make me feel like Scott Disick which is always a bonus, plus, one of my friends already owns these so now we can twin and/or I can piss her off for buying the same ones. Stay tuned.):

Ps. That excessive pronation is on point.

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