Candle Holders

I have been experimenting with cement, and building molds to cast it. While I would not suggest using plasticine to model anything too exact (like a hemisphere for example…heh), sometimes you use what ya got.

The mold builder is really easy to use, although it has to dry between coats, and needs 8+ coats depending on the size of your model. It took a few days of painting on a coat before work, another coat when I got home, and a last coat before bed. But you get a sweet latex mold from it which is so cool to be able to do at home!

I got some beautiful solid walnut for the bottom of these candle holders. I love how deep the colour turned out. However, a belt sander is 100% not the most efficient way to shape wood. Again, you use what ya got. I polyurethaned it before Gorilla Glue-ing it to the cement top.

Overall I am very happy with what I made! It’s also nice to be able to look back and note how the things you have learned can make for a more efficient process next time (I’m not sure how to mention this in a less stupid-sounding way, sorry). I am now off to watch Fantasia (you heard me).

Castin’ Craft Mold Builder (I bought it from Michael’s here in Ottawa, but it is not listed on their Canadian website):


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