Touch of Spice

This evening on my way out the door, I asked my roommate what the weather was like outside and what coat I should wear. He told me, “depends, what are you wearing out?” He was literally appalled when I pointed to my sweatshirt and leggings and told him, “this.” “You’re wearing deep red lipstick and that!?” He absolutely thought I was trolling him, and even thought I must have had a change of clothes with me in my bag. “Dude, your make up just doesn’t match your clothes!”

First of all bud, this is absolutely not a deep red. Second of all, it absolutely matches my outfit to a T.

Can’t a girl wear make up and a loungey outfit? I just don’t get why it’s not “okay” to want to be made up but also comfy..? Boys are a mystery. Don’t tell me how to live my life.

Ps. Shout out to Maybelline’s Touch of Spice- the perfect deep nude for a casual (or so I thought…) but still polished look! I rediscovered it recently and have been loving it all over again:



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