Birth Control

Earlier 2016– I visited the doctor I’ve been seeing since I moved to Ottawa, Dr. Neel Chadha. He kindly refused to prescribe me the copper IUD. He told me that since the hormonal IUD came out he no longer uses the copper one (because really, it’s his body right?)

Christmas break– I had an appointment with my family doctor, Dr. Anne Lehan, who advised me on the benefits and downsides to multiple types of birth control but ultimately let me make the decision for myself. Much better. She prescribed me the copper IUD and made an appointment for my at an OBGYN in Ottawa.

I took the prescription to the pharmacy. The pharmacist had no idea what the prescription was for so he looked it up on the computer and came up with a brand that was not in stock. He wrote down the brand name on my prescription before I left empty handed. After that, every pharmacy assumed it was written there because that’s the brand I wanted, but they didn’t have it in stock. Turns out that brand was on recall. The next pharmacy I went to I had to specify that I was open to all brands. Also much better.

Once in Ottawa, the OBGYN faxed a prescription for a couple pills to my pharmacy. This pill is basically to dilate the cervix to make insertion of the IUD easier and less painful.

1:52 am the night before– Just showered and inserted the pills that were prescribed to me. The doctor told me to insert them at least 4 hours prior to my appointment, or the night before if possible. I was warned about cramping and bleeding. So far I have very light cramps and a slight burning sensation, but I wouldn’t notice if I was expecting it.

8:16 am the morning of– Since I have been awake, the cramps have been a lot more uncomfortable (mind you, I’ve never been one to have bad cramps so I don’t have much comparison.) I’m having literal contractions. Barely any bleeding though! I do feel a little sickly- I am in that state where nothing can make me warm. But the cramps aghgghdjfjjaggagg. Time for Advil.

11:55 am after the procedure– So why lie- that was not fun. The OBGYN, Dr. Karen Wolfish, inserted the speculum which was fine, and then she used a tool to “clamp the cervix.” That was the epitome of not fun. Ooh so painful. The insertion of the actual IUD was uncomfortable but fairly quick. The best part was when she unclamped my cervix- the relief- wow. Before she let me go there were a couple of spots that were bleeding that she helped to clot.. so nice (heh.)

The great part was that I was coming up to needing a new pap this year, so she did it for me while I was there! Nothing like hitting two birds with one stone while you’re legs are spread eagle!

4:11 pm– I still have some cramping but a lot less than before. I am bleeding more though. Currently laying on the couch eating chocolate and napping.

11:57 pm– Still bleeding but almost no cramping.

1:42 pm the next day– I feel completely normal minus a bit of bleeding.

5 days later– Bleeding has more or less stopped.


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