I remember the first time I ever swore. Standing out on the tarmac, lining up to come in from recess, I told Chris Szubra to shut up. Honestly, it’s not even really a swear word. But at the time it felt wild and rebellious to say out loud.

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not one to shy away from swearing. Honestly, I get it from my sister (there’s your shout out, Ally).

But recently I had a friend over who is next level when it comes to swearing. Dropping f bombs for no reason, literally every other sentence.

I believe this person has low self esteem and uses swearing as a way to make themselves feel older or more confident in their mind (especially in front of new people). Not surprisingly, this habit gives the total opposite effect. Now I understand all those times my mom told me swearing comes off as immature.

So although sometimes the f bombs may drop, I’m realizing that there is a time when it stops serving as a stress reliever and more just makes you look fake and/or dumb. Hmm.

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