When Camo Fails

So I’m on my way to Bunz a Greyhound ticket (long, dumb story). I’m on the #1 going down Bank St. We make a scheduled stop at Landsdown station. A police van comes speeding down the road towards us, sirens and everything, and pulls over right in front of the bus. I assume they are going to one of the shops in Landsdown, when I see three police officers at the front doors of the bus. Obviously, the driver lets them on and they quickly comb through our faces, apparently looking for someone in particular. At the back of the bus they spot this guy in camo. They pick him up and escort him off the bus where they arrested him. They looked through his backpack as management from the LCBO look on. They load him into the police van and one of the officers comes back to the bus to let the driver know we are free to go. All in 60 seconds.

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