Interviews Pt. II

You know how you have that sort of anxious/ nervous/ trying-to-calm-yourself-down feeling just moments before an interview and then you are called in to the room and you basically have an out of body experience where you feel high and sweaty at the same time for the duration of the interview and then you step out and you can’t stop smiling just because it’s over like you don’t even know if you crushed it or bombed it but it’s over and that’s all that matters? #Me #RightNow (I’m quite literally blasting Shania Twain’s Rock This Country if that helps you to visualise.)

I just had a phone interview with a school board in BC, and (like always) I’ve been stressing about it for a couple of days. I get so anxious that I actually find it to be detrimental to the prepping/ interview process. I’m not sure why, as (like I have previously said) the worst thing that can realistically happen is they don’t hire me.

To prep, I looked up commonly asked questions and wrote down point form answers on lined paper. I made sure it was easy to read at a glance by highlighting the question at the top, and underlining important words throughout the answer. Luckily I had done this for past interviews and so I only needed to add on, touch up and review what I had previously prepared. I also thoroughly looked through all social media for the board, as well as the website. I kept it open throughout the interview. I spread out my prep sheets in front of me so I could easily access them. Lastly, MAKE SURE YOUR TIMING IS CORRECT! Because I am three hours off from BC time, I was prepping to have my interview three hours earlier than the time they gave me. My sister (thank god) realised I was going the wrong way and that my interview was actually three hours after the time they have given me.

The interview was about 25 minutes long and they were nice enough to allow me to call in, as I am not yet in BC (I hope this does not work against me.) To start, I always act overly upbeat and outgoing. I also wrote down the name of the interviewer so I could repeat it later on (I feel this is very important and often overlooked.) They asked me some simpler questions to start:

-When are you available to start?
-What will your availability be like once you start?
-Are you open to taking calls for adult education/ night school?

Next they got into the lengthier ones (obviously this is not the exact wording, and I may have forgotten one or two, but the gist is accurate):

-*What made you want to get into teaching?
-She read the vision for the district then asked how I could help achieve it.
-How do you handle difficult students?
-What is your experience with the new curriculum?
-Explain the importance of assessment?
-*What is your most important experience and how has it helped your teaching abilities/ what has it taught you?
-Explain a time you had to alter a plan to better suit the students.
-*Explain a time you felt overwhelmed and how did you handle it?
-How do you work to ensure inclusion of students?
-Any additional questions? (I asked the timeline for hiring, the typical rate of work, and if a debrief would be available should I not be successful.)

The starred questions are the ones for which I did not have a written prep sheet to reference. I struggled more with these questions (especially the last two) but I hope I did an okay enough job. Additionally, for some of these questions she asked for specific examples.

After any interview is done, I write down what I remember of the questions, so I can prep for these next time.

FINGERS CROSSED! (Although I am notorious for telling everyone, “I’m not getting my hopes up! It’s whatever,” while secretly praying I get the position.)



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